Business West Bristol office asked us to quote for the creation of a video for one of their international trade products – Acorn Interactive.

Acorn is an international trade platform that allows exporters to do everything they need to export online – export documentation, shipment preparation, training, apply for legal documents, translation services and more.

This was a really exciting product which had a very boring website, so they felt they needed a video that can be used for marketing purposes to sell the benefits of Acorn, get people to register on the site and ultimately use the services.

We had a chat about their initial thoughts on what we might be able to do for them and also what it might cost in the end. We went through their requirements for the video, finding out if it was intended for helping with training on how to use the service or just a simple “this is what we do” video.

We went through all of the important facts they wanted to get across, and after making a long list, we suggested they pull together a script for about 2-3 minutes worth of video – This would be around 300 words. They then sent this over to us to check over and edit into a script that worked once it was read aloud. We did this and then asked them to make the words in the script translate into a storyboard. They sent a powerpoint file over to us with some ideas for each part of the script, and we discussed some ideas for the animation of these points.

HI Emma, The final video is perfect and the resolution looks much more crisp.
I think it looks great, thanks for all your hard work.
Have a good Easter break

Acorn provided us with graphics to use in the video, some of which were very low resolution and subsequently we couldn’t use these as they were. We went to our designers to create new graphics for them to use in the video and, after some backwards and forwards with Acorn, we finally had a pack of approved images to create the video.

Once Acorn had chosen their voice over artist, we recorded the script onto an audio file and our editor then created the start of the video (the first 30 seconds) to send to Acorn to check he had the right idea of the look they wanted. This was immediately approved, and then he carried on making the animation following the instructions laid down by Acorn in the powerpoint.

Acorn were pretty impressed with the first draft and didn’t really need much changing in later edits. Just a few words were changed in the text and we recorded a couple more lines in the voice over that were needed when the animation came in. We completed the video project within the deadline, sending the hard file for them to play at an awards ceremony that they were attending later in the week.

The actual creating of the animation part of the video took a total of 2 weeks to complete, this was because we had spent a lot of time preparing the script/images/storyboard getting it just right before we even attempted to start the edit.

All in all Acorn and Business West were very happy with the final animated video.