We were contacted by the BII (British Institute of Innkeeping) as they wanted a video of all six finalists in their Licensee of the year awards for 2013, to play at the awards ceremony in May.

Of course we were able to quote for this, knowing that we had a vast network of film makers all over the country and beyond, we were able to cover most towns and cities in the uk. When the list of finalists was announced, we could see that the network would be necessary, as we needed to film pubs in London, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Suffolk, York and Fraserborough right up at the top of the UK.

We set ourselves a filming deadline of 2 weeks before the required deadline, and contacted the 6 pubs to find out the best dates available for filming, so that we could locate a film maker nearby and book them in. After much too-ing and fro-ing, we had all 6 pubs booked in for their filming slots. We sent the film makers off with some instructions of what shots to capture, questions to ask the finalists and some freedom to be creative. All of the shoots ran very smoothly and remarkably we even managed to avoid any rainy days!

All of the footage was then send to one of our fantastic editors who was then able to compile the final video from the footage received. This was a challenge in itself, down to the fact that we had filming on different cameras and different formats, however as we work with talented, and very experienced film makers and editors, we were able to overcome the issue without a hitch.

I love the overall look of the video and the split screens work really well.
Thanks again,

After some discussions about the music choices, we were able to find a suitable piece that worked really well with the footage. The resulting video was fantastic and very well received by the client.

Once approved we then had the challenge of ensuring the video was suitable to play at the awards. On discussions with the team responsible for playing the video we did have a few syncing issues and one big challenge in the fact that the video was to be played at a 4:3 aspect and we had created a 16:9 video (widescreen).

After a quick re-edit, we rectified the issue and sorted out the syncing to ensure that the video was ready to play at the awards on the 14th May.

They were all worthy winners, however we wanted to congratulate Ashley and Kelly from Ye Old Sun Inn on being announced as BII Licensee of the year 2013.