We were contacted by the CRG (Creditors Recovery Group). They wanted a video to spread the word about their service. Moving into the digital age, where we all surf the internet, a one-dimensional advert just wouldn’t do.

Of course we were able to quote for this; creating high-impact short films to broaden your reach is our game!!!

Our website link guided them easily and simply through the process. It asked them to provide 15-20 images from which we could tell their story.

From there, they chose from our bank of professional writers to create a 100 word script. Via the website they then chose from 6 pro-voiceover artists to read the script.

Our experienced production team then edited a film including music and a sparkle of creativity.

This is the most awesome program around. Imagine the exposure that you can get across not just the United States, but the rest of the world too. I look forward each day to see how many views this video has gotten. Steve Taylor – Creditors Recovery Group

They approved the video and we delivered it, YouTube ready, for adding to their website and emailing out to potential customers within a week.

The resulting video was fantastic and very well received.

And he was keen to update us on just how quickly his message spread after posting on LinkedIn and via his own connections.

Over 1700 views on my You Tube Video in three days – Steve Taylor