The Times Educational Supplement magazine had been asked to produce a showcase video for a Birmingham school and they came to us for this.

We spoke to the school to introduce ourselves and explain exactly how everything works. We also sent a link to our project management system so that they could upload their images and script files, along with choosing a voice over artist they would like to record it. All went smoothly and the school uploaded their images and script straight away.

We often have to re-write the script a little, as sometimes there are words or lines that don’t really sound right when they are read out loud, however Fairfax school had written a perfect script that reads really well on the first go!

We were very pleased with the quality of their images too, as they had followed the instructions exactly and sent us plenty of high resolution images that looked great in the video.

Once the first draft of the video was complete, we uploaded a copy to youtube and then sent the link to the school to view.

They loved it and were happy to approve it straight away. We then helped them add it to their website and sent a copy of the file to them and to TES for uploading into their own youtube account.

The whole project took a couple of weeks from start to finish, the only hold up being a half term holiday in the middle of the project!