HIOW Air Ambulance wanted a new contemporary and engaging corporate video for their website, social media and for broadcast. It needed the community that relies on its service to know what essential work it does and that it depends on donations. The video centres on the fact that accidents can and do happen to anyone. It also highlights the fact that air ambulances are second to none in limiting the long-term damage of head injuries.

Felix is an inspirational character, a young athlete who was hit by a car on his way to school. The air ambulance saved his life and limited his injuries with rapid response and an onboard doctor experienced in treating head injuries. Felix has made astonishing progress since his accident and his parents, sisters and friends have raised enormous amounts for the air ambulance and ‘Fit4Felix’.

This film has contributed hugely to the fundraising of the essential emergency service Hampshire & Isle Of Wight Air Ambulance. If you are interested in a fundraising film for your organisation please contact: info@videodirect.tv and we’ll be glad to help you with your project!