The TES asked us to film at Fairfax school, Sutton Coldfield, to capture testimonials from a variety of teachers, from Headteachers to Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). We needed to ask them questions about how the TES online has helped them get their current job, how TES online has helped them to prepare for interviews, hints and tips on what they have learned about applying for jobs and generally what they think of the TES paper and online system.

We worked with the TES to pull together a list of ideal questions to ask the teachers, and co-ordinated with them to make sure the interviews were spaced out through the day effectively.

We then sent some of our highly talented local film makers to the school, who set up in the Library, as this was the best place to get a variety of angles and shots to keep the video interesting.

Brilliant thanks – and I will keep a note of all of your tips too as never been involved in so much detail!
Thanks so much.

One by one, each of the teachers were set up with a microphone in front of the camera, and sound tested to ensure we caught all of what they were saying. This was the initial nervous moment for some of them, however the film makers are vastly experienced and know how to encourage anyone who might not be completely comfortable in front of a camera.

All in all we interviewed a total of 12 teachers about their experiences using TES and applying for jobs.

We then needed to know what they wanted in each edit.

The interviews were broken down into categories, and our client advised which sections of interview were to be pieced together to form each individual video. This took a long time, however once it was categorised, it helped the edit to run smoothly. Once each video was edited using the instructions provided, they were then approved by the TES after corrections and changes were actioned.

We then sent over links to the 8 completed videos, allowing them access to embed the various testimonial videos wherever they wanted in their website.